Bathroom Faucet Options That Work With Glass Basins

6 October 2017
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The latest in bath fixtures includes elegant but modern vanities, with blown glass basins in rainbow chromatic tones. These striking basins are a focal point of any bathroom remodel. However, your options in bathroom faucets are a little more limited when you want to purchase and install these colorful glass basins. Here are some options that not only work well with these basins but add to their beauty and attraction:

Touch-Free Single Spout Faucets

These bathroom faucets have a very contemporary look. They generally look like an inverted capital "L." Some are variations on this basic form, but all of them lack handles. Instead, they turn on with the pass of your hand or a light tap with the back of your wrist. Be sure to purchase one that rises up high enough to dispense water into the glass basin you have chosen.

Vessel Faucets

These faucets are tall, with a single handle on the top of the spout. The spout itself appears almost antiquated, with an old-fashioned well pump spout. Silver chrome, antique oil-rubbed brass, and mixed finishes look very nice next to the glass basins.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

While wall-mounted faucets are typically reserved for bathtubs, in this instance they look like a perfect match for glass sink basins. The faucet itself can be mounted at the perfect height above the glass basin, and because the length of the spout from the wall to the basin allows for the water to go directly into the center of the basin, it may be exactly what you are looking for. Choose two- or one-handle sets to control the temperature and flow of the water for your bathroom sink.

Water Fountain-Style Faucets

Public water fountains that dispense free water use inverted capital "J" spouts and buttons. Some of the older ones use a twin-handle system with a flattened "x"-shaped handle you need to twist to release the water through the spout. These same fixtures are available for private bathroom use. They look quite suitable in brushed or polished nickel as they overhang your glass basin.

Other Classic and Contemporary Styles

There are a few other classic and contemporary styles that would also work well with a blown-glass sink basin. If you are not sure what looks right in your bathroom with the basin you have chosen, you can very carefully tote the basin with you into a bathroom faucet and fixtures store/aisle. There, you can set the basin next to each of the fixtures that interest you to help you make a decision.