Use Your Cone Crushers Properly: 4 Tips

28 September 2017
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Purchasing cone crusher equipment is great for demolition sites and other situations when you need to break down rock or other materials. However, rather than buying the crushers and throwing things in them without a plan, realize that using this equipment properly is key to ensuring they work and don't fail right away. These suggestions prolong the life of any cone crushers you've invested in.

Use One Material at a Time

You might have quite a lot of materials that need to be crushed and to save time, you may want to dump them into the crushers together. This can cause equipment problems because the materials aren't the same weight or size. As a result, there's likely to be uneven crushing and uneven liner wear. Therefore, do your best to sort out materials into piles that contain pieces of roughly the same size and weight.

Keep The Chamber Full

You may give no thought to running the crushers with a few pieces or a full chamber's worth of materials. Bear in mind that crushers will move at different speeds when handling different amounts; to keep the equipment at consistent speeds and avoid overworking motors, try to wait until you've got a full chamber before powering up a crusher.

Inspect Daily and Weekly

Before work even starts on a particular morning, the cone crushers ought to have a brief inspection. Look for damaged liners, cracks, and random debris that someone may have dropped into the chambers. That way, you're sure your work can happen or that you can set a damaged crusher aside and focus on the working units.

Even if you're giving your crushers a quick look each day, being able to examine them more closely every week is a fine idea as well. Even if you haven't observed any cracks throughout the work week, it's possible that the liners are not wearing evenly or that there's a problem with lubrication, the drive shaft or corrosion in the oil line. This kind of closer inspection ensures that you can arrange for any repairs needed before they bring work to a halt.

Train The Staff

It's not enough that you're aware of the best care and use for the cone crushers. Employees and managers should be able to use the equipment correctly so that don't inadvertently take actions which could cause crusher problems. Knowing everyone is trained well can prolong the life of each crusher.

Cone crushers perform essential work and when used right, can process a lot of materials at your sites. Work with others to protect the equipment and keep them working. Contact a company like Bison Iron Corp for more information and assistance.